Ski Ski Blog The Benefits of School Ski Trips for Students

Although it may not seem like it on the surface, school ski trips can be of fantastic benefit to students. Skiing is a whole lot of exciting fun, but we think there’s a lot to be said for the personal development that comes with a trip like this.

Culture and Language

The chance to immerse in the local culture can make for a really authentic experience of the country. For students learning a foreign language, this is brilliant opportunity to put lessons into practice.


Spending time away from home on school ski trips is the perfect chance to form new friendships and strengthen existing ones, as students support each other in ski lessons and enjoy the new experience together.


Taking them out of their comfort zone away from home and challenging them with new experiences is a sure fire way to boost your students’ confidence.

Social skills

By introducing them to new activities and encouraging children to interact with new people in a new environment, social skills will definitely be broadened.

Physical challenge

Of course learning to ski isn’t exactly something you can teach in a normal PE lesson. This in itself is a massive physical challenge, using concentration, balance and strength.


For some, this will be their first real time without their family – school ski trips are a great way for children to learn about coping away from home.

Experience outdoors 

With so much time spent on mobile phones and tablets indoors, a trip like this gets students out into the fresh air and really shows how much is on offer in the great outdoors.


Skiing teaches persistence and resilience, results which are clear at the end of the week! It can take real determination sometimes; you can encourage your students to look back at the end of the week and see how far they’ve come.